10 things I learned after being banned from this website


As many of you know, I was notoriously banned from this website for about a week or so. I cried, you cried, Jesus wept. It was one of the worst weeks of my life. Everything I have ever built in my entire existance is on this website. This website is a part of me. It is what makes me. But during that week, I had to resort to other things. My addiction to this website diminished. It was a wake up call. I've did a little self reflecting on my break and I have compiled 10 things that I have learend since being banned from this website:

10. Touching grass actually feels nice.

I have never left my house before due to the website banning me. I am a basement dweller myself but during the time I have been banned, I got bored and decided to finally leave my house in years. Grass feels pretty nice. I expected it to feel like shit but it felt amazing.

9. There are more rappers that exist besides Kanye West, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti.

Not having Leaked.cx to be on meant not being able to follow the only five artists I do. I expanded my musical taste and it is pretty exquisite if I do say so myself. I found out about this underrated rapper named Lil Skies. He has a couple of great songs. Hopefully he makes it big one day.

8. Worshipping Nicki Minaj is not an acual religion.

This was a very hard to swallow pill. I eat, sleep and breathe Nicki Minaj. I turned my bedroom into a shrine in honor of her. I worship her. When people ask me what my religion is I always respond back with Minajianity. I know every song of hers. All of her personal details and facts including address, list of owned cars, shoe size and more. She means that much to me. But stepping into the real world, it is not deemed socially acceptable to worship a celebrity. Uniformed religion wins again I guess.

7. Getting a job is actually fun.

Disclaimer: I do not actually have a job yet but I have been applying. That is a big step right? But anyways, the process of finding a job is not as hard or painful as people make it out to be. Hopefully I have enough to move out of my mom's basement.

6. There are more places to visit besides my mother's basement and her food pantry.

While I was on my unfortunate unprecedented hiatus, I decided to explore the world a little and see places I have not yet explored. One place that struck out to me was the supermarket. Wal-Mart to be exact. I have never been inside one before but today was my first time. Even though I did not have money of my own to purchase things, I did a little looking around. Man did it have everything. I mean EVERYTHING. This is like the 8th wonder of the world.

5. I do not get paid to constantly post on this website.

A bittersweet realization that I had to conclude to, I do not get paid to constantly serve news to people and even write these blogs. I do not know why I continously choose to do so. Maybe I am sick; mentally, or maybe I am bored. Hell, maybe it is both. All I know is that people will read my content anyways so I will always give my 110% on them.

4. I have been wilding and out of pocket on here.

Another sad realization I came up with is that my behavior on here was unacceptable. More specifically the Juice WRLD and Nicki Minaj birthday incident. I apologize for what happened. Sorry to all who have felt offended. I will make it my mission to be a better person and starting from this day forward, I will try my best to be a nicer person on here. I will ejaculate and impregnate your mind with positivity without fucking.

3. Talking to people in real life is better than sitting behind a screen and talking to randoms online.

A human connection can not be replicated. A human connection is special. Even a simple hello can warm you up. I have never felt the warmth of a human up until the week that I was banned. Walking around greeting people with a smile on my face as if I was Borat felt great. I received something that I have never received from sitting on my ass all day talking to you guys. What I received was geniuine vibes.

2. There are more things to life than unreleased music and internet beefs.

What happens after we die? Do we take our collection of Kanye West Donda sessions with us? Will God let us transition with our Days Before Astroworld folder? Will he allow us to jam out to Whole Lotta Red leaks? We are so fixated on 3 minute MP3 files that we are willing to collectively pitch in thousands of dollars just to get our hands on one. Viewing from afar, it is absurd. This is like a scientific test maze and we are the rats. Ask yourself this: will you keep on bumping your unreleased loosies 10 years from now? Will all of these songs become lost in the later years then resurface as a leak. Or will they get sold again; being claimed as a rarity.

1. We are the bad guys.

Leaking and sharing an artists unfinished work. We are stiffling their creative proccess. We are all the bad guys. We are criminals. How would you like it if someone illegally accessed your personal hard drive, stole content from it, flipped it on the internet and all of your files surface with you not being able to get it back. We put our favorite artists careers in jeopardy all for 15 minutes of fame. This is very much like drug dealing, except music is our drug. Pretty soon, the war on leaks will start once more. It will be worse than the shitty attempts that were made in the past. This is not a statement. This is a warning. Labels are actively putting big money into piracy and other illegal music methods as we speak. One day they will come and they will come strong. Until then, enjoy your fun.

In conclusion,

This blog is more than a simple blog. It is a guide. A guide on how to be a better person. I challenge you all to unplug from the internet for a week and see how you turn out. I became a better person all from a negative situation. Thank you Warning Cockroach for changing my life. This is singlehandedly the best thing that son of a bitch has done.

- Yonce.
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