Hip-Hop in 2023

A little late writing this in February but here is a recap on Hip-Hop in 2023. I am starting with the top 3 best albums, honorable mentions, & then mid. If I missed any, I tried putting as many honorable mentions. It's hard to rank the music that was released in 2023 because of the lack of solid albums there were. The best albums are my opinion so talk shit to me in the replies so I can hear your opinions.
1. Ken Carson, A Great Chaos

The only reason I would rank a Ken Carson album at No. 1 is that 2023 did not have many interesting Hip-Hop albums like this one. What made the album was the rollout, beat selection, & his fanbase. Ken previewed almost every song on the album even performing popular snippets at concerts. The album also did well because of his devoted listeners & fans making an "aesthetic" for the album. Ken noticing, made an Instagram acc. for "AGC", posting photos based on 2010 internet trends like Creepypastas. The album would have minimal feats. from Lil Uzi Vert, and Destroy Lonely. To this day, Ken gets hate likely for his excessive auto-tune. Yet this album shows how versatile he can be, having variety in beats, & flows. Streamers' reactions & Ken's fanbase pushed A Great Chaos to be his breakout album selling 49,000 in the first week & was No. 11 on Billboard.

2. Travis Scott, UTOPIA


Travis Scott would begin his album rollout in 2020/2021 by giving custom Takashi Murakami chains to artists who would be featured, releasing "ESCAPE PLAN/MAFIA." Would've been perfect timing to drop 3 years from his last release, but later in 2021, the "ASTROWORLD Festival incident" happened. 10 People died & jurors found Travis not guilty. Most likely, this is the reason Travis didn't drop until 2023. The album rollout started w/ the mysterious UTOPIA briefcases being held by Drake, The Weeknd, Mike Dean, & more. Billboards & totems would start appearing & Travis would finally drop UTOPIA after 5 years on July 28th. UTOPIA would have features from Drake, Playboi Carti, 21 Savage, and more. Production is great by Mike Dean, Kanye West, Wheezy, & more. The feats. on the album were hidden until changed later on. This made the album experience very fun to listen to. The reason I put a Ken Carson album over Travis is a few of the songs were mediocre & K-POP was the ass lead single for the album. Also, Kanye West & Sheck Wes were taken off the album and Travis dropped 2 leaked songs with the mixes being changed. UTOPIA sold 496'000 in the first week & was No. 1 on Billboard.
3. Gunna, a Gift & a Curse

Before Gunna could release new music, he was arrested in 2022 for allegedly having methamphetamine, marijuana, and hydrocodone intended to distribute. After 215 days in prison, he took a plea deal to be released. Gunna would then drop his return project "a Gift & a Curse" on June 16th, 2023. After the word of Gunna "snitching", he lost many connections from artists to producers. Even w/o features & his usual producers, this album was surprisingly good & fun to listen to. In this project, Gunna clears the snitching allegations and speaks on personal matters from the past year. With odds against him and artists like Lil Baby calling him a snitch, Gunna managed to make hits like "fuk u mean" and win the internet back. A Gift & a Curse sold 85,000 sales in the first week & was No. 3 on Billboard.

Lil Uzi Vert, Pink Tape
- bad timing by uzi
Destroy Lonely, If Looks Could Kill - bloated with some mid songs
Summrs, What We Didn't Have - came back with a solid pluggnb album
Pi'erre Bourne, Grails - step in the right direction but still managed to ruin the songs
Lancey Foux, BACK2DATRAP - cool tape expect more in 2024 from him
Young Thug, BUSINESS IS BUSINESS - free thug
Autumn!, Golden Child, Chapter 3 - pedo
Lucki, s*x m*ney dr*gs - decent album
Lil Tecca, TEC - cool album


Sexyy Redd, Hood Hottest Princess - anthony fantano gave this a 8/10
Trippie Redd, A Love Letter To You 5 - mid & the fall off for trippie
Trippie Redd, Saint Miachel V2 - version 1 was good but bro went 0/3 in 2023
Trippie Redd, MANSION MUSIK - bad mixing & bloated with feats.
Drake, For All The Dogs - mid
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