Opium is Saving Hip-Hop


Opium is saving rap as we speak. Playboi Carti, Ken Car$on, Destroy Lonely, Homixide Gang, F1LTHY and more producers. "Opium is a record label based in Atlanta, Georgia, founded by Atlanta recording artist
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in 2019." "The label’s name is commonly stylized with an asterisk under the U, inspired by the logo of the fashion label" (
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Rappers like Drake, Eminem, J Cole, Lil Wayne, Trippie Redd, Kodak Black, Polo G and many have really declined in music quality in the recent years so new rappers must step up whether we like it or not. Jordan Carter also known as Playboi Carti has assembled a Label full of top tier rappers and I am going to go through them one by one starting with the man himself, Playboi Carti.

Playboi Carti

Birth and Relationships

Jordan Terrell Carter is an American rapper born September 13th, 1996. Jordan has a child name Onyx Kelly which he produced with Iggy Azalea. The relationship between the two was not healthy. These are the list of toxic events in their relationship. Jordan missed Christmas with Onyx and Iggy. Iggy caught Jordan with multiple side chicks while she was pregnant.. Jordan went to Philly to play Playstation with the rapper Lil Uzi Vert, also known as Symere Bysil Woods, resulting in missing the birth of his son and Jordan told Iggy to shut up and that his son is crying. These are the biggest events of their relationships on social media and to this day Iggy is still pissed at him and trying to expose him. Personally, not being biased, I gotta go with Carti on this one because of the fact that he has "Playboi" in his name. I think that Iggy should've known not to got in a serious relationship with a man like this and had a baby and that Carti is in the right for all of his actions. Onyx will always love his dad more than Iggy and this wraps up his relationship with Iggy for now.



I'm not gonna talk about the start of his career and how he came to be but I'm gonna talk about just his actual music. The first studio album Jordan dropped was "Playboi Carti," also known as Self Titled album in 2017. Many hits are on this album like Magnolia, wokeuplikethis*, Location and many more. I consider this album to be a PERFECT 10/10 with the amazing production from the producer/rapper "Pi'erre Bourne."

After Self Titled album, 1 year later in 2018, he drops "Die Lit," the album almost completely produced by Pi'erre. I consider this album to be his 2nd career changing moment after Magnolia because of the hit, "Shoota," with rapper Lil Uzi Vert. Many other great songs on this album but definitely a 10/10. Self Titled and Die Lit era is when he made friends that would bring him up the rap game like Uzi, and Pi'erre being his main producer. Now onto the album Whole Lotta Red.

Whole Lotta Red was delayed for years due to the MASSIVE amounts of leaks. Leaks on top of leaks Jordan gave up on dropping music and fans got desperate leading to more leaks. I would say there were around 30-60 WLR leaks and again the album was gonna be mostly produced by Pi'erre. Jordan hyped up the album by announcing a single, "@MEH." Dropping this single fans were mixed about it but personally I liked it. Even after the single he delayed the album again. After years of nothing from Jordan, he announced Whole Lotta Red and world went nuts. After delaying it for multiple months, over, and over again, he finally dropped the album on December 25th, 2020.

Christmas Day (WHOLE LOTTA RED)

December 25th, 2020, Jordan Carter drops Whole Lotta Red. He goes live on Instagram as soon as the album drops and is blasting a song of it, "Stop Breathing." More than half of the Instagram Live is hating on the album a second into listening to the album. He sees a comment from user "brahmdeconing," where he states, "THIS ALBUM IS FUCKING SHIT." Moments later his raging energy decreases to 0 and he ends the live. We don't know if he ended it just because he did or if he was reading the hate comments.


I can not lie, my first listen to Whole Lotta Red, I thought it was COMPLETE garbage and I will never judge a album completely off of one listen ever again. To this day I feel guilty about disliking the album. A few months later the album grew on me and I went to the first day of the Narcissist Tour in Nashville after putting it on repeat every day. Still disappointed Rico Nasty came out instead of Ken Car$on. Whole Lotta Red grew on a lot of people after he was getting hate for months. Trends and hashtags on social media, mostly on Twitter were hate against Jordan. The world soon started loving the album and Jordan's strong fan base started defended the album from day one. Trends of Whole Lotta Red started blowing up on social media and especially the app TikTok. The whole world changed their minds and this is when whole new waves and clones of the era started appearing. Artist Trippie Red became a clone and started copying his clothing (Rick Owens, Givenchy and more) and dropped the highly anticipated album, "Trip At Knight." This is just one big example of the "Carti effect" also known as the wokeuplikethis* effect as Jordan states in the song, "woke up to ****** sounding like me," and other lyrics stating that everyone wants to be Jordan. Whole Lotta Red to this day has influenced many new and big artist. I have to give this album a strong 11/10.

Present Day

Playboi Carti has not really announced anything for his new album besides giving a date and saying Narcissist which was just a promotion for his tour. He did in fact announce on XXL Magazine that his next album will be named "Music." "I was about to name my album Music because that’s where I’m at, you know what I’m saying? Music." (
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I highly doubt this is true and he is just hyping up his fans for nothing but it is a possibility.

Ken Car$on

"Kenyatta Frazier, better known by his stage name Ken Car$on, is an American recording artist and producer from South Atlanta, Georgia. In 2019, he signed to Opium, the label founded by Playboi Carti." (
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Ken was signed to Opium for a reason. That reason is filling the underground scene with good auto tune music. Underground artist with auto tune and TikTok promotion like Baby Santana, Slump6s and Yung Fazo are terrible. Ken has amazing production from F1LTHY, Starboy, Artdealer, Outtatown, 808 Mafia and more. Ken doesn't drop every week and takes time in his music unlike most under ground rappers. Over the span of a few years has progressively gotten better to the point where his new work, "Project X," is a strong 10/10. For a solo project with only 11 songs, it has a lot of replay value. Deluxe should drop eventually but won't be surprised if he blows up even more soon. Ken's personality and vibe is likeable off camera and touches the youth. In a interview he is talking about personality, people he surrounds himself with, love, haters and more and really opens up.


Recently at "The Smokers Club Fest," he had hundreds of people moshing to his music. whole crowd screaming his lyrics. Ken is only 18 performing EXTREMELY well for a live performance. Even though I mentioned TikTok rappers, I have to give credit for the fans and not the self promoters. Ken Car$on fans are extremely loyal promoting and making memes of him and I'm not surprised because of the loyalty for Playboi Carti fans both artist being signed under Opium. Ken will definitely keep getting better and more main stream over the years and his hard trippy ass beats and his clothing style will impact the underground.


Destroy Lonely

"Bobby Sandimanie III (born July 30, 2001), popularly known as Destroy Lonely, is an American recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia." (
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) Destroy is extremely different from everyone in the underground right now with his production mainly from producer Clayco. New single "20YRS OLD," shows how well he is evolving and advancing. "Channeling distorted, off-beat flows and intricate bars pocketed within euphoric, synth-infused production, Lonely sets out to “Destroy” every beat he touches." (
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Playboi Carti noticed Lonely from song "Oh Yeah" from album </3² He has multiple collaborations with Ken Car$on, all classics.

Destroy Lonely was another member to perform at The Smokers Club Fest. Actually, most artist from Opium performed there recently. Playboi Carti, Ken Car$son, Lonely and Homixide Gang.

Homixide Gang

"Homixide Gang is a rap duo from Atlanta Georgia, the group consists of two members, Homixide Beno! and Homixide Meechie. The members are affiliated with Playboi Carti's label, Opium" (
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Homixide Gang is a rap duo that mixes underground or "rage" music with Atlanta style Hip-Hop. F1LTHY is a big producer for the duo making the beats more aggressive fitting their rap style. Playboi Carti is really choosing great artist to bring with him like Homixide Gang making them the first artist on the Opium label to not really have any autotune and is straight rap. Can't wait to see them blow up. Homixide Gang also performed at the Smokers Club Fest making all of Opium performing at the event. Beno is also referenced on the track "Beno" from the album Whole Lotta Red by Playboi Carti. Every artist from the label had the crowd going crazy and it's great to see under ground artist slowly go main stream. The future of music is gonna be very interesting with all these new artist and this is just one label.

Opium Label

Can't wait to see what other artist Playboi Carti will add to the label and every artist he's added is great. I believe all of them will be decently big in the future and I don't think that's even a stretch. Can anyone else name a more consistent label right now than Opium? YSL has not been consistent the recent years. Gunna and Young Thug haven't been in their prime. I honestly think Opium is carrying Hip-Hop.
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