Neon Genesis Gundam (Misato x OC) - Chapter 1

I did a gundam x evangelion crossover last fall but unpublished it due to me adding too much characters & plot was waisted

I got too excited making it during my first few months of writing stories

Misato Katsuragi


As for main characters gundam



Its a bit much i love full armor gundams with alot of weapons

Shinji is gonna replace by another oc character

I honestly can't stand shinji he's a fucking cry baby i'm sorry so adding oc with more badassery & keep asuka in check & perhaps going out too things are gonna change oh & gendo he ain't lasting that long

~Chapter 1: Don't own anything~


Earth Pacific ocean floor y/n pov:

My name is lieutenant blaze rivers earth federation londel bell unit replacement of deceased Amuro ray i was launched to an mission but unfortunate my gundam engulfed blue light sending me someone before i made contact.

I woke up my cockpit my gundam is okay, but how the hell did i end up in the Pacific oscean on earth anyways i grabbed my countries making my gundam optics lid up.

I see dead things jumped in my seat dead fish & cars buildings all under water, i stood up & rocket out out of here so i can see whats going on.

I flew out the osean keep climbing at high altitude, then i see the rest of the sea red

Haro whose been with me since it was a gift from my deceased girlfriend spoke.

Haro: blaze fleet in trouble fleet in trouble

Blaze: what where

I used cameras to magnifying an explosions i see old fashioned ships being attacked by something big its not a whale then something came out & large red robot that doesn't look like a mobile suit.

Blaze: its not aquatic like mines great this isn't our earth but i need answers

I gut the throttle flying down high speed.

Meanwhile unit 2 plug drake pov:

My name is drake burns pilot of unit 1 age 16, i was a USAF ace pilot before shit went down south so i went under for a while then i got a call from japan organization called nerv i replaced a deceased pilot who was 14 died in combat after defeating ramiel.

Next day me & Katsuragi & 2 of my new friends rode on a chopper two meet another pilot, i turns out to be asuka i know her since childhood she ranned up to me gave me a lovely hug tears of joy she thought i was dead during the fall of washington DC.

I told her i was flying my raptor giving air force one to escape i also escaped myself too after few hours an angel appeared asuka gave me a spare suit so i was gonna put it on in privacy but she wouldn't mind seeing me well naked.

Its embarrassing to me sitting on her lap while jumping off ship to ship getting her cord to keep her eva charged up.

Asuka: ooops sorry for the planes

Drake: -_-

Warning blared its closing in fast

Misato: << blaze asuka we got incoming from the sky >>

Asuka: * cursing in German * what now

Beam of energy shot the angel penetrated its AT field


Asuka looked up to see who it was i giant mech with loaded weapons flew down to finished it off it, deployed something out from its back several flying things flying around till its points to the target then shoots a red energy to destroy the angel in exploded in process.


Blaze: what the hell is that thing

Its landing beside us crew were scattering when the feet touch the deck i can feel the vibration the laser things floated back to its wings. I got look of the face too manace of a look.

Tokyo 3: misato pov:

I point my gun to the pilot wearing a helmet i turned to see the gundam moving automatically from the carrier till it made a stopped, its on auto pilot.

He raised both of his hands up then he took his helmet he had short reddished hair & facial hair around my age my face turn red a bit.

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