Declassified: The @nubcek interview

Hello folks, I have decided to grace you all with yet another interview. This is a longer one than usual, but I'm sure you'll be able to read the entire thing while you're eating or maybe if you're on the "John".

I'm sure many of you will be pleased that you are about to get to know @nubcek more! I found this guy interesting off the bat and decided he was one of the few users on here that deserves an interview. I hit him up, and the following conversation is what took place. Hope you guys enjoy.

Question 1: How did you end up on
Nubcek: First off, it’s Leaked.Cx. I’m here cause I’m the typical guy who likes typical music. Duh.
And I really appreciate music for what it is, and after my Coworker showed me Playboi Carti in 2018 I had to find more. Plain and simple. And if anyone says I’m lying I can show proof. I also got banned off reddit for the 7th time and gave up on that crap. The mods here don’t delete my posts and give me “hate strikes” i called it. Past tense, means it's done. Reddit is out of my life.

Question 2: Do you have any plans for world domination?
Nubcek: “World Domination” I disagree with this statement. Why? Because I just believe that it’s more or less “Forum Domination” where I one day become king (Administrator) and like I’ve stated in the past, ban a god role or two everyday whenever I please and be lowkey with it (undetectable like game hacks) and become the true king.

Question 3: If you could choose, what member of the website would you kill?
Nubcek: Killing is rather barbaric. I would rather enslave some random member in my personalized torture dungeon that I had to actually bust a big ole’ hole in my wall to create. I did so in such a way to throw off all prying eyes from the neighborhood children or random passerby animals and such. (I WONDER WHO IT COULD BE THAT I WOULD ENSLAVE? I DON’T THINK I WILL SAY. SORRY LOL) ……….. (It’s myk).

Question 4: When did you get into drawing? do you have a favorite art piece that youve done that you can show me?
Nubcek: My thought process is essentially the fact that people don’t listen to me like my pen does through the paper. Like god DAMN DUDE. Have you seen my latest artistic expressions? My new greatest masterpiece is going to be called “The Holy Grail Gone Bad - nubcek” The time that I’ve spent on it? Days… Months… Years..?? IDK really. That’s what's so beautiful about art. I don’t even realize that I’m doing it until I wake up face down in my own slobber and look to see the absolute masterpiece that I’ve been crafting in my haze. I’ve basically been on these on and off art binges since a couple years ago when I got the idea to do a mural at my old place of employment. It was pretty much a big middle finger to the absolute bottom feeders that infested the place and it got me fired. That’s the inspiration for my work. That’s why I do what I do. I’m putting up two big ass middle fingers to anybody and everybody. P.S. If you don’t have anything nice to say to me, just don’t post it.

Follow-up question: is there meaning behind the artwork you have posted? or are you more of a draw for fun type of guy?
I mean well. Take it at that. I just do it for my mental well-being and casting the demons back to their hell holes. And as mentioned before it allows me to freethink through the pen.

Question 5: What are some of your favorite artists you like to listen to?
I’ve already said this before. I rock with Carti/Playboi Carti/Playboy Carti/Jordan Carter. This is all because I sort of just want to be young again. Back then my left leg wasn’t bent out of shape and all that. Could run around. Fun fact: This is how I actually came across this site in the first place. Some fucking junkie was spamming my inbox cause I was just asking some questions around the digital town square where all of these hidden leaks were comin’ from. Guess what? I find this place rather home-y. I think I’ll settle down here as long as I continue to make friends.

Question 6: Do you have or believe in any conspiracies?
All honesty Mr. P, that crap creeps me out. The only ones I believe in are the ones I created. Such as the “Don’t Fix Your Own Computer.” Tech trash doesn’t fuckin work, but you bring it to some guy and he fixes it for no reason. Call it what you want, just my theory. Also, 4D people coming in and out of our reality maybe.

Question 7: You said one time on your profile that you conduct "experiments". I'm sure many of us would be interested. what type of experiments do you do?
Nubcek: Well I can’t really get into this one. Sorry. Maybe if this post gets at least 20 likes I will make a full in-depth guide into my experiments. But for now this one stays quiet. IF anything I’ll tell you this. They are awesome. And the office has no Idea what I do in the washroom. More specifically, the office doesn’t know what I do to THEM!

Question 8: How did you come up with the name "Nubcek"?
Basically, I used to be a gamer in my freetime til I got locked in and they threw away the key (Basically became “employed” but I don’t really get paid by my work) and I got called a “noob cake” An early OG insult and they spelt it wrong. So I liked it. I liked it a lot. I wrote about it, I drew pictures about it. I saw it how it was and then it became a word floating through my mind, I could see it in the streets everywhere I looked when I focused hard enough.

Question 9: Can you have any favorite leaks?
Nubcek: In mostly alphabetical order: Alma Mater (AKA “Dress N-word”), Buffie the Body/, Did It Again, Die Like This, dothatshit! OG, Exotic ft. the fetal alcohol freak “trippy”, Fashion Nova, Headshot, Molly, Money, Money Over All, No Lie, Pissy Pamper, Pop Bottles/Spaceman, Privacy, R.I.P. Yams/Coming out of the closet, She Wanna, Slick/Buss on her $@!^, SRT ft. Uzi Spray, Sunny/In tha’ monin’, Supersonic, Tattoo, Vlone Jacket/Fightin’ H03s, Want To ft. “Juice WRLD/Juicebox”, You and Me, They Go Off, Butterfly Doors, Hellcat, Asthma, Bands Up, Cartier, Medusa, Cash Shit/Cashin, Movie Time/Legetamack, No Charm, 3 Times, Shopping Spree, 2900, Worried Bout S$@@, F%$k Shool/MAD 4 LIFE, Noon, 2Many, F$#@ My Ex, Highschool Bitties, Go, Sights, R.I.P. DHill, Ridin, She Might/REDD. Also, something special called “u kan do it too”. Sent to me specifically by a fella known as Bob. He “rocks with my style” as he said. I like the guy, and so won’t be sharing the song as per his request. Got a nice twang to it. BOBBY FISHER N!@$^ hahahaha!

Follow-up question: Are there leaks other than Carti that you enjoy?

Nubcek: Carti is plain and simple just some high wobble frequencies I tend to tune in on. His music is hysterical. Makes me go WACK (Rage mode) and throw fits! I do not like anyone else.

Question 10: What is your favorite beer?
Nubcek: Good Ol’ St Ides. JK LOL, That ol’ drink I nicknamed “Grumpy Juice” for a reason. Gets me all dizzy and out of WACK I call it. (Rage mode) Probably Budweiser cause I'm a simple guy, simple life. Sort of?

Question 11: Do you have anything to say to your detractors?
Nubcek: I’m honestly speechless. The hate is too much and I have to take brain breaks every now and then or the pressure gets to me and I see red. And I’ll say this: I gotta big cast iron whalloper with your name on it. Im mean. Like a tiger. Shout out Bonez.

(Picture of Bones provided above)

Follow-up question: Why do you think you even have detractors in general?
Nubcek: Because they know what I know and they don’t want it to be spoken about. Like the Matrix by Andrew Tate. I don’t really like him but he said some things that really made sense to me. Pretty cool huh? The internet? Cool, right.

Question 12: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Probably upgraded from banging a hammer on a steel plate all day to writing poetry in the staging room and hopefully I get paid more, but like I said, the pay is extremely RNG and I have no idea how to calculate it.

Question 13: Are you planning on making any new threads? i saw you were talking about making one for cars, are there any others youre thinking about creating?
Nubcek: YEAH - Making one about the Lil Rider I call it. My little car gets me to point A to point B. Did some modifications to it that aren’t regulated but I don’t think anyone on here is a “Fed” so no one should snitch on me. I’m thinking I should start posting about my beliefs and stuff I’m passionate about such as training junkies to do my tasks and so on.

Question 14: What do you think about these god role "people"?
Nubcek: What do you think? They stand on their high horses. They act like they ARE GOD. They aren't. They are the reincarnated Lucifer. Fuckin’ rat bastards I tell ya. And I’m not kidding when I say I want to cause harm. And don’t get me started on the fraudulent scumbags who paid an extra thousand dollars to get their role… removed… The proof is there if you look hard enough. You can trust ME of all people. I basically lived in that shit for at least a day.

Question 15: What type of music do you enjoy?

Nubcek: Anything that gets me buzzing. Just a full body vibration that gets me rocking back in forth in the lazy boy. Three words: Out. Of. Control. Extra Word: Wacko

Question 16 + 17 (These both got answered as the same question, or something like that so im combining them) : What made you become a targeted individual? Has your gangstalking situation improved? And how do you feel about junkies? Do you think they can redeem themselves or are they destined to be degenerates the rest of their lives?
Funny thing about the gangstalking. It’s a bunch of children who hate me and laugh at my items. Recently I painted my house and it has become the laughing stock of the local fiendish creatures. I admit that I used spray paint, but it looks good, “HOA” (don’t get me started) Approved. Also there are the junkies who I must use like stepping stones on the way to the office. It is almost as if they obscure the ground beneath them in a hellish blanket of junkie meat. They exist in three states: dead, dying, and revived by god. It is these revived junkies that haunt the forums to slander me, call me names. One grabbed my leg a week ago and I’ve been smacking them up now with a little wooden rod so they calm their rabies-like killer instinct. Also, I threw up.

Question 18: What is your stance on drunk driving? Good or bad?
I'd like to say good but its a sensitive topic because I know so many junkies who died in huge car wrecks. Not my problem, but it's fun to drive with one hand on the wheel, one hand on a bottle of Jack.

Question 19: Many people suspect that you are schizophrenic. Are the rumors true?
Nubcek: OK. This, right here, is big. A big fucking stinker. People don’t seem to understand how the human mind works or something nowadays.

Do you guys see what I post? It’s coherent. It makes sense. I use good grammar. I can hold down a steady job, even though it’s just a lot of clanking and lugging. Whatevs. I contribute to the real world economy and this digital economy too (Lots of “react score points”).

It’s obvious to me that it’s the real junkies, THE REAL SCHIZOS, who claim I am so called “Schizofrenic.” It’s all these “ground pills” they are shoving deep in their behinds that cause them to hallucinate and claim I’m some sort of devil.

Fun Fact: I once received a D.M. from a Schizophrenic Junkie claiming that he saw me in his dreams, AND WAS PERFORMING GAY SEX ACTS WITH WHO KNOWS WHAT. I MENTALLY BLOCKED OUT THE REST! I THINK IT WAS A COMPUTER OR DOLL OR SOMETHING! And I think he called me a schizophrenic too. Simple projection, I tell ya.

I got a simple answer too! If you say I’m schizo:

This certainly is the "mic drop" of the interview, a VERY powerful note to end on. When asked if he had any words of wisdom for the general populace of Leaked.Cx, Nubcek had this to say:

"Any last words or closing thoughts?"

"I just hope to all that is holy that I can finally be accepted on here and not thrown aside like some FUCKING TRASH. I’m sick of that crap. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about Mr. P. Too many people on this beautiful forum page love to point the finger at me when everything goes south, and trust me. That won’t happen til I’m king so they can PUT A FUCKING LID ON IT! For fuck sakes. I’m steaming again. I'm going to be posting more these coming months. God roles wizz by me like bees through the Trenches of the Forum. I need to do something to stop them I sense that they see me through my computer screen and I will kill a god role guy. No Q's Asked #NubcekForAdmin!"

That's all until next time. I might do another article soon, might not. Lets be honest, who cares?
Hope you guys enjoyed!
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wdym bro he made a spooky picture and said he was crazy thats important stuff
at the end of the day were all just gangstalkers
Question 16 + 17 (These both got answered as the same question, or something like that so im combining them) : What made you become a targeted individual? Has your gangstalking situation improved? And how do you feel about junkies? Do you think they can redeem themselves or are they destined to be degenerates the rest of their lives?
Funny thing about the gangstalking. It’s a bunch of children who hate me
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