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May 27, 2021
Ready To Die - Playboi Carti and the other "caveman"-esque snippets weren't that bad (had potential as well) and everyone forgot all about them


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Feb 2, 2021
lil baby is here cause of the migos and he isnt allat. he has good songs but shouldnt be as big as he is (not hating i mean i do not understand how he got here, good for him btw)

uzi hasn't dropped music to make us feel like 2016 (uzi more like Luzimypatience with him dropping oversaturated songs)

wheezy right now is in a better position than metro, i find myself listening to his beats more than metro and his newer stuff is a tad bit better than new metro beats (that might change when metro drops btw for now this is my opinion

Takeoff still the best migo, offset the most popular nowadays, quavo just the most talkative

dont know if many people agree or disagree but comethazine is one of the few people who drops the same style songs but is still entertaining and hard

im looking forward for both don and travis albums but imo im more impatient for dons than travis

rich the kid didnt deserve whatever happened to him because he ran from uzi

i think old rap and new old styled rap (ex tyler the creator) doesnt apeal to me as much as newer rap trap style. i think new rap > old rap

dont judge too much pls😂
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