DISCUSSION Thoughts on the "lil pump 2" album?

Lil iyed

Apr 8, 2022
This lil pump album is amazing I just listed to it again I was blind before this album and now I can see I was deaf before this album and now I can hear I was stupid before listening to this album now I'm intelligent I was a loser before listening to this album now I'm the biggest winner I was nothing before listening to this album now I'm something this album is life altering and life changing this album is the best piece of music in history the melodies the harmonies the notes the beats the rhythm the Lyrics everything about it is top notch this is the best thing I've heard my entire life this album changed me as a person lil pump is the godfather of music and rap he's truly a rap god and the best rapper ever to walk this earth he is amazing and this album is amazing

But fr tho it ain't that bad considering it's lil pump I like that he's trying new stuff I'd like to hear what other people think because I definitely think he can made decent music if he tried hard enough
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May 29, 2021
Your Mom’s House
The OG tracklist looked much better


  1. I'm Back
  2. Splurgin
  3. Yessirski ft. Young Thug
  4. Ain't With That
  5. Fendi on Fendi
  6. Kick Rocks ft. Rich The Kid & Takeoff
  7. DAMN!
  8. 6 Rings
  9. Devil Inside Me
  10. Wokanda
  11. No Hook 1 ft. Rio Da Yung OG
  12. All The Sudden
  13. Pull Up ft. Trippie Redd
  14. Tesla ft. Smokepurpp
  15. Moshpit
  16. She Know
  17. Don't Like Me ft. Jackboy
  18. Dade County
  19. Cool MF ft. Chris Brown
  20. Born Into Crime ft. Yak Gotti
  21. Ou Ou Ou
  22. Don't Mind ft. NBA YoungBoy

Lil iyed

Apr 8, 2022
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I feel this way about everything these days idk if my ears fucked or producers dogshit or what but especially rage and vapor trap and pluggnb and everything similar sounds off beat and poorly mixed I think it's the way people make beats nowadays is the reason tbh bc a lot of beats sound odd for a lack of a better description


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Jan 30, 2021
It’s not good the novelty wore off half a decade ago and he’s never getting it back.


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Jan 20, 2022
it was fucking awful honestly i thought he was gonna make a comeback but its so fucking bad im sorry i like actually cant stand listening to it his flows so bad
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