CLOSED @talh is a scammer

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Mar 30, 2021
still don’t know how to work this app
so @Talh123 hit me a while back and said he wanted to trade i said yes we traded everything was fine. then the next day he leaks the songs the he gave me so i asked him he gave some excuse about A random threatening to leak it if he didn’t I didn’t think much of it. but then he wanted to trade again I was skeptical but i did and gusss what he leaked that song also I was mad. but i got over it but then i told him i was a selling a comethazine and he wanted to trade. I told him no multiple times but then he told me he had tecca so i said yes THAT SCUMBAG SEND ME LQ SONGS FROM TECCAS LIVE THAT HAD OVER 2K VIWS ON YT i was unbelievably mad I told him either had the pay me or i was getting the mods involve after going back and forth he just ended up blocking me later i here from some one he was passing the comethize song he scammed me for and it ended up leaking!
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May 24, 2021
He scammed a lot of people lol he should just be banned at this point ??‍♂️ He also contacted me to trade :jordanomg:
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