DISCUSSION How I think the meta verse is going to overtake reality


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Oct 22, 2022
Yee haw Texas
As many of you know the metaverse is slowly taking over the world and I want to explain how I think this is going to happen but first let me give you some context.

for the people who don’t know what the metaverse is it’s a reality where you can do or be anything you want pretty cool if you ask me but good things always lead to bad things at the end of the road.

I think a big way the meta verse is going to be the norm is that a lot of people who are tired of life or want something new to do are going to start gearing towards the meta verse instead of there harsh sad life. Instead of being sad and having nothing to do all day you can do anything you want in the meta verse like riding a roller coaster, dancing, social activities, and many other nice things

but as told you it may be for the worse the movie WALL·E was all about if this happened and I agree we Should move our lazy asses and deal with our life.

elon musk isn’t helping either with his robots and with the meta quest pros release, I’m losing hope that we can maybe hold on.
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