Diamondsonmydick & Yungster Jack - Sanrio Suicide [REVIEW] [GUEST]

yungster shorty.png -Left- David Shawty with his companion Yungster Jack, circa 2020 (Pre-allegation era)

I'd like to extend a greeting to the fine folk of this website! Your welcoming staff members @Alek and @rs , due to a lack of active blog writers, have commissioned myself as well as a few friends to share our writing over the coming weeks! I love talking about my favorite artists, and hope that I can impart some of my desperate feelings onto you, the reader, by the end of our time together. Please enjoy the review!

I'll be honest, I'm a little surprised more people aren't talking about this one.

To be fair, Diamondsonmydick hasn't been around for all that long, but even in that time he's influenced the cloud rap and glitch core scenes in measurable ways. He's quickly become one of the genres most recognizable figures (of which there aren't that many to begin with) and he's consistently growing and changing his sound with time.

But with Sanrio Suicide he takes this sound even further, by incorporating almost every other kind of music. Rock, industrial, children's music, folk, singer-songwriter, alternative, drum n bass, techno, house, dream pop, avant-garde, showtunes, there are even classical sections on this that are impressively enough arranged for their small appearances to stand out. I could keep going.

Diamonds doesn't stop here, he weaves from sound to sound, living in them, easily and handily swapping them for other experiments and tones. He sounds like he lives in these sounds, as if he's Bane, born in the glitch, molded by it. Stupid joke, but he really sounds comfortable and at home on some of the most unique and complex instrumentals I've heard since
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The thing that I'm doubly impressed by is Diamonds’ razor sharp sense of voice. He's certainly not wordy or overly lyrical, but the melodies he writes combined with the delivery and deeply personal, character driven version of the tennessee rapper’s psyche creates a surprising amount of layers to peel back.

I'm not going to get into a lot of specifics here regarding tracks, this is worth listening to just for how original it is and I don't want to spoil hardly anything for you. It's a sonically dense record with a lot to uncover.

I do particularly want to shoutout Sanrio Suicide, so far I think it's my favorite song of the year, and it could have only been written by Tyler Arrington, and in music, that's a very special thing. It's the same reason we love K**** and Tyler and Kendrick, Diamonds’ voice has fully arrived and Sanrio is the perfect encapsulation of what makes him and Jack simultaneously accessible and adventurous.

I'm really happy with this one, and I'm so happy to see Yungster Jack show up fully formed. I'm hoping this is just the start for a very young and remarkably promising voice.
David marches exclusively to the beat of his drum, and he's better and happier for it. Sanrio Suicide is an song celebrating the discovery and delivery of self, just like Tyler's Call Me If You Get Lost which happened to drop the same day (and was ALSO incredible).

I'm glad I have these wonderful albums to help soundtrack my summer of self-discovery, and I'm especially glad to see a brilliant young creative create a song top to bottom and have it come out so bold and beautiful as Sanrio.

Diamonds and Jack, If you find this, atta boys buddies. You smashed it. (Word to those kids)
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Caterpillar is good as fuck and it's crazy to see how much David has innovated and pushed the glitchcore/digicore sound.

Since we're on this site, if anyone knows anyone who might potentially have his unreleased album from 2020 called "Lucifer" (which had Lucier and Sanpellegrino from Caterpillar on it, as well as the single he released well over a year ago called Good Morning Hickeys) pls hmu.
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