DISCUSSION Collab Albums - hits, misses and dream pairings?


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Feb 3, 2021
In light of Her Loss dropping on such short notice, it got me thinking about collab tapes that have dropped and flopped and ones that actually hit. Also collab a I would like to see..

Based on the few songs they have together and how hot both are in their respective careers, I would Love to see a Durkio/Pluto collab. The energy on that could go up and stay up. And they can both get petty and toxic which is a great combo.

As for collabs that have dropped and flopped… idk I can’t see Her Loss growing on me but it’s only been a day. For as much as I love Thug and Future, Super Slimey was missing something. Collabs that have really worked.. EST Gee and 42Dugg’s collab was a banger from this year. But possibly my favorite collab from recent memory that just worked on all levels would have to be Drip Harder by Baby and Gunna. No skips, perfect balance of features. 2 songs without Gunna, 2 songs without Baby.

Anyways I’m kinda high. What is everybody’s thoughts on collabs?


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Apr 15, 2021
all the thug collab tapes that never came out :verysad:
Post Malone
ThuggaaaWapp x Fetty Wap
Migo Thuggin
Rich Gang 2
Super Slimey 2 with Future, Gunna, Lil Baby
Metro Thuggin
Thug and Gunna collab made in the past 2 years

Always hoped for a Thug and Travis collab tape from DBTR-Rodeo era
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