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Jul 24, 2022
so shogani has this and just lied to hells or what 💀
im gonna resume the retardness:

shogani previewed rollie and the buy is going to happen but it was going to have a lq bonus​
soul ran the poll between bitch boy / smd / down bad as a free lq bonus​
ppl started getting mad bc ppl were voting on bitch boy (song we alr have in lq) but they didnt said in fact that it was a HQ bitch boy and not another LQ recording​
n then smd got the most votes​
the ppl that wanted bitch boy got mad at the ones that voted smd​
they wanted to buy both bitch boy & suck me dead but leak bitch boy & vault smd bc they're fucking children fighting over a toy​
then they reached shogani's dms and shogani realized there was a demand for lq shit and pulled smd out of rollie gb and now shit costs like 2k while they managed to group pb bitch boy n now are vaulting it​
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